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Downloading Burnt Cookies


   This utility is designed to work together with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (3.02 or later)  to allow automatic detection and optional deletion of Cookies deposited by Banner Ad web-sites.

    This evaluation copy is fully functional. However it will, after the first 200 cookie deletions, remind you how nice it would be for me (the author) if you would register (cost $5). These reminders will then recur every 25 cookie deletions until registration is completed.

    The program runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP (or later).

Please click Download to obtain or
update your copy of Burnt Cookies.

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more about Burnt Cookies.

The file name is "". The current version is 1.020. The file size is 800,345 bytes.
To check your version number start Burnt Cookies, click on it's System icon (top left) and select "About".

Once you have downloaded Burnt Cookies:-

  1. You may need a copy of PKZIP for DOS or PKZIP for Windows to extract
    the distribution files (DOS usage:- "pkunzip").
  2. Whether you are upgrading or installing the program for the first time
    run "SETUP.EXE" (or the program SETUP of type Application)
    and follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard.
  3. Optionally, virus check the newly installed program files.


If you have any further questions about
Burnt Cookies by all means send an e-mail.

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