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Burnt Cookies - Online Privacy Gravity 6
Junk URL - an Outlook Add-In The Aircrew Logbook
OnlineOffline Checklist Checker

            Company Information

        Andersson Digital Design exists to promote shareware, freeware and ideas. Currently there are six products and one idea on offer.

    Burnt Cookies works in conjunction with Internet Explorer (3.02 or later)   to allow automatic detection and optional deletion of Cookies deposited by Banner Ad web-sites.

    Gravity 6 simulates the motion of orbital systems in three dimensions (free).

    The Aircrew Logbook enables Pilots, Flight Engineers and Flight Attendants to record details of their flying and other related activities on computer.

    Checklist Checker helps Pilots, Flight Engineers and Flight Attendants to memorize aircraft recall checklists and procedures (free).

    Junk URL helps you to help Microsoft's Outlook to detect more junk and adult content e-mails (free).

    OnlineOffline manipulates the "Working Offline" flag found in the File menu of Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer and Outlook without the need to start such an application (free).

    I have also published an idea about the true nature of space. Although independently conceived and developed I would be extremely surprised if it is original.

        As the author my promise to you is that:

  • All programs are, or have been, in regular use by me.
  • All programs may be freely downloaded and installed.
  • My programs never contain "Adware" or "Spyware".
  • After installation you will be able to "try before you buy".

        If you consider a program fit for your purpose then registration, when required, will:

  • Unlock the program (current and new versions) for ever.
  • Entitle you to download new versions from the web-site.

        Please click on the hyperlinks below to find out more about:-

Burnt Cookies - Online Privacy


Gravity 6

The Aircrew Logbook

Checklist Checker

Junk URL - an Outlook Add-In

The Nature of Space - A Sideways View

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