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Version History and Known Issues

F117 Stealth

Version History

Version 95,1,0,0

    Initial release.

Version 95,1,0,1

    Screen re-drawing no longer fails on displays using 16 colors or less.

    An incompatibility with some printer drivers which resulted in a protection fault or no print-out has been fixed.

    The dialog boxes used to initialize and set the flight engineer's carry-in hours no longer have both had the edit boxes for E2 incorrectly labeled as E1 in "British" style logbooks.

    The hypertext jump in the Help file from "Logbook Style and Name dialog box" to "New Flight Engineer's Logbook dialog box" no longer leads to the "New Flight Attendant's Logbook dialog box" page.

Version 95,1,0,2 - Not released

    New build using Visual C++ version 4.2.

Version 95,1,0,3

    Program runs under Windows NT 4 or later as well as Windows 95 or later.

    The +/- shortcut keys for incrementing and decrementing dates in various dialog boxes now act correctly for MM/DD/YY and YY/MM/DD date formats.

    Field to enter an e-mail address added to the "Print Registration Form" dialog box (for postal registration).

    Code in the "Print" dialog box intended to prevent the "To" date and time being earlier than the "From" date and time has been removed. If that condition is true when the "Print" button is clicked printing is cancelled.

    Code in the "Create a Filtered View" dialog box intended to prevent the "To" date and time being earlier than the "From" date and time has been removed. If that condition is true when the "OK" button is clicked creation of a filtered view is cancelled.

    Code in the "Flying Hours" dialog box intended to prevent the "To" date and time being earlier than the "From" date and time has been removed. If that condition is true at any time then the graph will revert to showing all dates until a legal date range has been input.

    Code to transfer the contents of "AIRCREW.INI" (used by Beta versions of the program) into the registry now removed.

    Under Windows NT the program now stores your address, reminder, aircraft and airport databases, its configuration file and its registry backup files in the "Aircrew Logbooks" folder off the users "Application Data" folder created by the operating system. A typical path to this would be:-
"C:\Winnt\Profiles\your name\Application Data\Aircrew Logbooks"
or "C:\Windows\Profiles\your name\Application Data\Aircrew Logbooks".
If the program cannot find those files in the "Application Data\Aircrew Logbooks" folder it will still read then from the same folder where the program was installed. This is still the default behavior for Windows 95.

    The default path to save new logbooks has also been changed as above

    The "Save Organizer Import" dialog box now "remembers" whether and where you normally "Save to disk as a 'Sharp' format SDF file".

    If a "To" date is specified in the "Print" dialog box the program now correctly draws the bottom edge of the box surrounding the last entry.

    If the "Pre-warn anniversary" checkbox in the "Add/Edit Reminders" dialog box is cleared by clicking on it (or clear when the dialog box starts) then the various controls to edit the pre-warning are disabled. They are re-enabled by setting a check in the "Pre-warn anniversary" checkbox.

    The accuracy of the Day/Night estimation has been improved.

    The program now correctly identifies more user timezones automatically.

    The program "nagged" about lack of registration more than was intended. Now unregistered users should only be "reminded" if they really do attempt to make an "out of range" entry.

    The Print dialog box is now initialized with a From date equal to the first date on the last page printed (not previewed) if the "Print All Pages" option is active. If you print the odd pages followed by the even pages the dialog box is now initialized with a From date equal to the first date on the last printed odd page but only if you subsequently print the even pages. The result is that the program is now better at predicting what "From" date you want.

    The Flying Hours display no longer causes a lock-up of the program if a change needing a redraw was made followed very quickly by the user closing the dialog box.

    One can now create new logbooks with no allowance columns without the program (under certain conditions) creating an "illegal operation" message from Windows when adding a new logbook entry.

Version 95,1,0,4

    The Day/Night Calculator no longer causes a lock-up of the program if it loses synchronization with the Add/Edit Pilot's Entry dialog box.

    The "To" date controls in the Print dialog box now work correctly if the date is specified in other than DD/MM/YY format.

Version 95,1,1,0

    Changing an existing logbook entry (the flying part) no longer causes the associated Allowance data to be reset to zero.

    The background bitmap can now be changed. This is accessed by selecting "Custom Bitmap" from the View menu.

    By default, logbooks not created by your copy of The Aircrew Logbook can now be written to as well as read provided you are a registered user. The previous default of write protecting logbooks may be restored by selecting Properties from the View menu for each logbook (providing it is "yours").

    The file format has been changed. Old files will be read correctly. Whenever a file is re-written the new format will be used. Versions of The Aircrew Logbook prior to version 95,1,1,0 will be unable to read files created by version 95,1,1,0 or later.

    Additional files have been added to the distribution set to help support import from newer versions of Sharp's Wizard digital diaries.

Version 95,1,1,1

    Addition of "Visit the Web Site" to the Help menu.

    Support for sale of the program by SOFTrain Limited.

Version 95,1,2,0

    The numbers in the Allowances columns may now be totalled (as decimals or
as hours and minutes) via the "Allowances Totals..." item on the View menu.

    Negative numbers may no longer be entered in the Allowances columns.

    More graphic file types can be used to customize the background.

    New build using Visual C++ version 5, service pack 3.

    Duplicate sounds removed when displaying message-boxes etc.

    Arguments are now correctly passed to Tools (see Configure in the Tools menu).

    Edit Allowances dialog box now appears after new entry is made when that
option is selected in the Allowances Defaults dialog box.

Version 95,1,2,1

    Large numbers (e.g. 4207.44) entered in the allowances columns in the Edit
Allowances dialog no longer round down when storing the number after pressing OK.

    Filtered views now reflect all of the display defaults for a logbook.

Version 95,1,2,2

    Support has been added to allow data to be imported from the Calendar of Microsoft's Outlook program. Potentially, this allows anyone with a Windows CE machine (or any other handheld which can synchronize with Outlook's Calendar) to make logbook entries in that machine and then import them into The Aircrew Logbook via Outlook.

    Support for linking directly with the older Sharp Organizers has been dropped. Note that you may still import such data by first exporting it from the Organizer (using Sharp's Organizer Link program) as an "SDF" file and then importing this file into The Aircrew Logbook.

    The new home page URL is now on the Help menu.

    The program will now automatically import the backup registration data from "aircrew.reg" into the registry if the normal registration data has been lost (as may occur if you have changed computers).

    Registration can now be performed online.


Version 95,1,2,3

     New build using Visual C++ version 6.0, SP1

    If three successive entries in one session have the same operating capacity (in Pilot's and Engineer's logbooks) and it is different to the default set when the logbook was created then the new operating capacity will become the default for that logbook.

    Support for combining entries from Microsoft's Outlook crossing midnight.

    When importing from Outlook a "Wait" cursor has been added while Outlook's Calendar is being scanned.

    The program now recognizes when it's default printer has been removed from the system and then reverts to the default printer for the host computer.

    Toolbars now have support for Internet Explorer "flat" style

    Some of the context sensitive help was formatting badly where the word Internet appears with an underlined "I".

    Support for the "Register via CompuServe" option has been dropped due to CompuServe discontinuing its "GO SWREG" scheme from 31st. December 1998.

Version 95,1,2,4

    The program now uses True Type fonts in preference to built in printer fonts if you select a font name which exists in both the computer and the printer.

    Type, Registration and Capacity column widths are now slightly wider. The latest versions of Windows use Unicode fonts and change the ratio of average character widths to maximum character widths. This resulted in cropping of some fields of a logbook both on screen and on paper. This has been resolved by using average character width (instead of maximum) information as needed.

    The "Commander" column width when a logbook is printed is now wide or narrow depending on whether the on-screen column width is wide or narrow.

    The "Remove" button of the "Match SDF Fields" dialog box did not correctly restore the text in the "Logbook Field" list box. This has now been fixed.

Version 95,1,2,5

    Up to the year 2040 the program assumes that the two digit year as entered in many dialog boxes represents dates from 1950 to 2049. If you are using the program after 2040 then the program assumes the two digit year represents dates from 2000 to 2099. The program currently has a Year 2100 bug!

    When printing a filtered view, the owner field was shown as 'No Owner' on the print copy and also the View > Properties menu. The owner is now shown as the owner of the parent logbook.

    Fixed a bug in Graphical Display which meant that it displayed nonsense if the logbook had any "Bunk" time in it.

Version 98,1,0,0

    Recompilation due use of Visual Studio.NET as the C++ development environment

    Support for Windows 95 and NT4 dropped for this version (due in part to Microsoft's licensing requirements when redistributing the "gdiplus.dll" which is now needed by  The Aircrew Logbook). As a result, the program now requires Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or later.

    Note: If you need to run The Aircrew Logbook under Windows 95 or NT4 then version 95,1,2,5 is available here.

    The Aircrew Logbook now additionally recognizes Singapore aircraft registration patterns when importing data.

    Upgrades dialog box now available from the Help menu to facilitate checking for new versions.

    Allowances Edit page defaults are now "per logbook" rather than global. Additionally, the User Buttons available when editing Allowances can now be set up to multiply their associated values by the number of hours (Day, Night or Total) for the sector.

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Known Issues with the current release

    The "aircrew.reg" file provided to help you transfer The Aircrew Logbook from one computer to another is generated by the Windows program "regedit.exe". As a result, the "aircrew.reg" file generated under Windows XP is not readable by versions of "regedit.exe" that shipped with earlier versions of Windows precluding easy transfer of The Aircrew Logbook back from XP to, say, Windows ME. However, expert users of Windows will note that "aircrew.reg" is a text file, albeit a Unicode one under Windows XP.

Issues with Vista

    If The Aircrew Logbook is installed under Vista it must be installed from the Administrator account - installing from a Standard User Account with administrator privileges will not work.

    Once installed from the Administrator account the program can be started and run successfully from a Standard User Account. If you are transferring you logbooks from another computer the default folder for logbooks is "C:\Users\UserNameGoesHere\AppData\Roaming\Aircrew Logbooks". The registration status can be maintained as descrbed in the Help file - see Help/Changing Computers but do this while you still have a running copy of The Aircrew Logbook on an OS prior to Vista (see below)

    Vista doesn't ship with WinHlp32 functionality. This is the program which provides not only the normal Help file functionality but also the ToolTip functionality for The Aircrew Logbook. The good news is that Microsoft has made it available for download.You can visit Microsoft's Download Center and do a search for "WinHlp32.exe for Windows Vista" and follow the link which should take you to Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows Vista from which you can download the 32 or 64 bit version appropriate to your copy of Vista.

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