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Free Utilities

Why is it Free?

    Some of the programs available on this web-site are free. That doesn't mean that I don't believe them to be genuinely useful. It is just that they either address a very small niche market (Gravity 6 or Checklist Checker) and/or they are so simple that they could easily be written by you if you had the time (Junk URL).

    You will generally find, however, that these free programs do have a button or a menu item inviting the user to visit this web-site. These invitations are not intrusive and the programs do not fire up message boxes inviting such visits - they just exist for those who wish to take advantage of them.

    They do help to advertise my company, Andersson Digital Design. Hopefully, it is a build up to that future world beating application that none of you would wish to be without. Watch this space!

Regards,  Bob Andersson                

    None of my programs are supported by advertising software. This technology results in connections to third parties on the Internet whereby advertising is downloaded to your computer and can also result in statistical data about you being collected and sent back out onto the Internet. As such I consider it an invasion of privacy.