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Junk URL - an Add-In for Early Versions of Outlook

The latest versions of Outlook have completely changed the way that Junk/Spam is handled in such a way that JunkURL no longer works effectively!It is still available from this website purely as a courtesy to current users.

As a result I suggest that you look elsewhere for a solution to the menace of spam (I now use InBoxer available from


Product Summary

   It allows Microsoft Outlook's junk (or adult content) rules to detect more unwelcome e-mails.

    "Junk URL" is an add-in for Microsoft's popular Outlook program and is designed to augment its functionality in dealing with junk (and adult content) e-mails. It can be launched in several ways from within Outlook and can also be run as a standalone program.

    If you use Outlook's Rules Wizard to help you weed out junk and adult content e-mails then Junk URL can significantly improve the detection rate of such unwanted communications.

    Best of all - It's Free.

    If you have already decided to give it a try then please go to the Download page.

    N.B. It appears that the Junk URL "custom action" may not always be available in Outlook 2002. Outlook XP, 2003 and later are not supported.

Nuts and Bolts

    Microsoft's Outlook deals with junk e-mails provided you set up an appropriate rule using the Rules Wizard. Whenever you receive junk e-mail (which has not been already detected as such) you can improve the hit-rate if you mark the e-mail as from a junk sender. When you do this Outlook adds the sender's address to a text file. This improvement is conservative and you can help the rules wizard do better.

    Let's assume that some junk mail was sent by (please see the Disclaimer concerning the URL below).

    You dutifully right-click on it and add it to your list of junk senders'. The only trouble is that tomorrow the same individual may send you an e-mail from and this will not be recognised as junk. Outlook does allow you to deal with this manually. You have to edit your list of junk senders and remove the 123@ or friend@ leaving This gets tedious so why not let Junk URL do this for you?

    If you want it to it can be even more aggressive and add to the list. And finally, you can tell it that while should be on your list of junk senders' you don't want the program to make any more offers to prune that particular address.

The User Interface

    You can run the program from a shortcut (on the Desktop or the Start menu). If there are entries to process then the Junk URL dialog box will allow you to deal with them one at a time. Alternatively, you can use command line switches to set the program defaults and to allow it to run "silently" with no further intervention.

    You can also allow the program to add its own items to Outlook's main menu. You still have to start the program yourself but this time you do it using these additional menu items to control how the program runs.

    Lastly, Junk URL makes a "Run Junk URL" custom action available to you in Outlook's Rules Wizard. The program is started, using the defaults you specify, whenever the approriate rule is triggered. If you specify the option to run "silently" then you will only be aware of its existence by an increasing detection rate for those dodgy e-mails.

Still Interested?

    Then please go to the Download page.

    At the time this was written the URL "" was not in use. It may subsequently be registered. The URL "" has been used simply to illustrate the program operation and nothing connected with the program is meant to imply that anyone who uses "" as there URL is anything other than a fine and upstanding pillar of society. #Back

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