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Downloading Junk URL

The latest versions of Outlook have completely changed the way that Junk/Spam is handled in such a way that JunkURL no longer works effectively! It is still available from this website purely as a courtesy to current users.

As a result I suggest that you look elsewhere for a solution to the menace of spam (I now use InBoxer available from


   This free utility is designed to work together with Microsoft's Outlook to allow an improved detection rate of e-mails originating from junk and adult content senders'.

    The program runs under Windows 95, 98, NT4 or 2000 (or later). Outlook XP is not supported.

Please click Download to obtain or
update your copy of Junk URL.

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more about Junk URL.

The file name is "". The current version is 1, 1, 0,0. The file size is 662,535 bytes.

Once you have downloaded Junk URL:-

  1. You may need a copy of PKZIP for DOS or PKZIP for Windows to extract
    the distribution files (DOS usage:- "pkunzip").
  2. Whether you are upgrading or installing the program for the first time
    run "SETUP.EXE" and follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard.
  3. Optionally, virus check the newly installed program files.


If you have any further questions about
Junk URL by all means send an e-mail.

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